Refugee Art Project was conceived amongst a collective of academics and artists, united by a concern for the plight of refugees to Australia and the asylum seekers who wait in Australian detention centres. Since its inception in late 2010, more than 500 artworks created by Refugee Art Project refugees and asylum seekers have been exhibited to the Australian public. Refugee Art Project is passionate about showcasing the enormous talent, locked away, beyond the razor wire.



Artist Spotlight

Kamaleshwaran Selladurai

Kamaleshwaran Selladurai is a Tamil refugee from Sri Lanka who spent over two years in Australian detention centres. During that time he taught himself to paint, having never attempted to make art before. Kamalesh was granted a permanent visa in 2011 and now lives and works in Western Sydney.
  • The Refugee Art Project is a great example of art being used as a tool for social change. Whilst the project is not a political organisation, its work offers the opportunity for art-goers to examine a major political issue from a new perspective.