STILL ALIVE Exhibition


Elizabeth Elliot @ “Reality and Representation” panel discussion

On Saturday 9 August 2014 we hosted the ‘Reality and Representation’ panel discussion at the Stanley Street Gallery as part of the ‘Still Alive’ exhibition. We were most fortunate to have four incredible panelists participate in the discussion:

- Asif Haideri, a refugee spokesperson and The Refugee Art Project participant.
- Oliver Laughland, a reporter from The Guardian.
- Elizabeth Elliot, a paediatrician involved in the recent Inquiry into Children in Detention on Christmas Island.
- Thomas Wales, an Aboriginal elder and spokesperson for the Thanakwith people who befriended asylum seekers and refugees in the Sherger detention centre.

Safdar Ahmed introduced the panelists and acted as the MC for the event.

Thank you to all the speakers, and the incredible crowd that attended. We were in excess of 100 attendees and ran out of chairs in the first 15 minutes. The support for this event continues to grow!


Oliver Laughland @ “Reality and Representation” discussion panel


Asif Haideri @”Reality and Representation” discussion panel



Here is comedian and ABC producer Julian Morrow speaking at the opening night of the Still Alive exhibition:

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